Slam Jam

IMPRESSURE. part 1 by Paolo “Zero-T” Capezzuoli

June 16, 2011

Paolo Zero-T Capezzuoli says.. about himself and his last project:

“i’ve had artistic tendencies ever since i was little… pretty simple, i went to school for graphic design and visual arts. In ’84 was the first time i saw the Rock Steady Crew in a music video, they were b-boying and Dondi White was writing graffiti. The early days of hip hop were a major inspiration then and had a big influence on my creativity.
Since then i grew, kept painting, but began bringing different forms of media together. I learned how to properly use a manual photo film camera, develop custom typography, spray, and started working on my photography.
I like clothing too, and have art directed collections that reveal my personal aesthetic and care for details.
I love to travel the world meditating about my next artwork.
As for the decks.
I shot a photo that i really liked in brooklyn, Nyc.
For me, paper wasn’t quite dramatic enough to best visualize the
results. Instead, i primed 5 blank wooden skate decks with acrylic gesso, then
i layered them with a photo emulsion fluid. With a slide projector, i was able to impress the image over the decks… and from there, i fixed the image, rinsed and dried.
Much like the classic way to develop photos, in the darkroom.

Only one printed.”