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The New Order and Slam Jam present NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE by Kenneth Cappello at Colette, Paris.

January 14, 2014

For the cover story of THE NEW ORDER volume 10, the bi-annual publication has teamed up with acclaimed Los Angeles-based photographer, Kenneth Cappello, to produce a unique photographic series. The subject matter of this series, entitled, nothing is impossible, explores Cappello’s daily surroundings, with friends and pets a central motif.


The chosen medium for Cappello’s work in nothing is impossible is IMPOSSIBLE film, supplied by The Impossible Project – operators of the world’s last remaining Polaroid film factory. With the iconic film format a pivotal element in the series, nothing is impossible sees Cappello re-approach the medium, re-mastering and refining the way he exposes his subjects.


With no thematic limits in place, Cappello has conceived a body of work motivated and inspired by his daily life, putting a personal spin on the project. Interaction with friends and pets is something that is depicted to great effect in each shot and further emphasised by the unique feel of the film. In doing so, Cappello highlights the relationship between humans and animals by finding common ground in familiar faces and habits, incorporating a warped sense of humour in each shot.


A selection of works from nothing is impossible by Kenneth Cappello will be on show at colette, Paris, from January 6th until February 1st, 2014, with an in-store signing taking place on January 18th.