Slam Jam


Jason Angsuvarn, the man behind Jason Markk.

November 28, 2014

1- How did you come up with the idea of starting a business of shoe cleaner products?

The inspiration to start Jason Markk came to me one night when I was cleaning my sneakers. I was using a homemade concoction of household cleaning products and thought to myself, there’s gotta be a better way to clean sneakers. There were generic shoe cleaners available, but I couldn’t find anything that focused specifically on cleaning “today’s sneakers”. I mean there are so many premium and unique materials being used on sneakers today. Many including myself didn’t trust the generic stuff.

2- What’s the difference between Jason Markk’s cleaning products and the other generic and widespread products available on the market?

I’ve always considered most of the products on the market too generic because they don’t take in consideration the premium and unique materials being used on sneakers today. Our Premium Shoe Cleaner was designed with safety as a priority and most importantly, with the needs and concerns of the sneaker culture in mind. Our product does not contain harsh chemicals or abrasives and is completely biodegradable.

3- How is the sneakerhead public greeting the ongoing launch of your products?

Our core shoe care products consist of our Essential Kit, Standard and Premium Shoe Cleaning Brushes, Premium Microfiber Towel, Quick Wipes and our most recent addition, Repel. We’re most known for our Essential Kit, but our recently launched Quick Wipes and Repel have been very well received! I think either may soon top the Essential Kit.

4- Jason Markk’s products address specifically to the care and cleaning of sneakers but could they be used on other kinds of shoes, such as classic footwear?

Our products were designed and extensively tested for use on sneakers. That said, we know for a fact, that customers use our products to clean a variety of things! We always get emails saying that our products were used to clean such things as car interiors, purses, furniture etc. Moving forward, we will produce care products specifically for classic footwear.

5- Jason Markk provides one-stop solutions for today’s consumer with a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the sneaker market. Yet, have you ever thought of expanding your business?

Yes, my vision for the future of Jason Markk stretches beyond just sneakers. The brand has organically developed more into a lifestyle brand with its roots of course in sneaker culture. Looking ahead, in addition to retail expansion, I plan on developing more products and expanding the brand’s reach into different categories that make sense. Ultimately, I just want to continue to make products that people find useful and love!

6- As it is well known, collaborations among brands are quite common in fashion. How do you feel about them? Are you planning to set up any collaboration?

I think collaborations are great when the two parties have a great chemistry and a story can be told. Unexpected ones are always nice. One of the last collaborations we had was with Sanrio’s iconic Hello Kitty brand which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. To date, that was the most out-of-the-box project for us, but it was also one of the most successful! Our next collaboration is with Diamond Supply Co. and we have a few special collaborations coming for 2015.