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Aries Fashion Film for Spring Summer 2017

October 19, 2016

Sofia Prantera just launched the new fashion film for the Spring Summer 2017 of Aries, with the British Fashion Council.

The film comes from an idea of Sofia with Fergus Purcell – her partner in crime on the project Aries – and Ben Sansbury, who took the unreleased pictures shot by David Sims for the next Aries book and elaborate them in a stroboscopic collage alongside with the music of Die Verboten.

The result is magnific.

Stay tuned for more info about Aries book by David Sims.



“The idea of film as an instrument to commercialise fashion is a fairly new one.  
Until now fashion has relied almost exclusively on the power of the frozen image to get its message over.  
Beauty, stillness, timelessness, perfection – these were the qualities the photographer traditionally aimed to capture.  Fashion photographers became masters of freezing moments in time, of distilling the essence of minutes & hours into split seconds.  
Can a fashion film ever have the same impact on the observer ?   Or is any narrative thread almost bound to lose out on impact vis à vis the static image, due to the dynamism and movement that of necessity a storyline introduces?   
Treading more dangerous ground still, will the trick that the photographer works in his ‘capturing of the the moment’ become negative and instead of magical simply turn banal?  These were some of the the question I asked myself before embarking on the film project and that have informed my approach to this project.  

A priori I decided not to prefigure any fixed outcome, but to let things be the result of a fluid collaboration between four very different artists and the clash of their processes and aesthetics.  For me this “flow state” in the  process is essential to any worthwhile accomplishment.
The first stage consisted in creating the still images with David (Sims) and Jane (How) which will be released in their entirety in a book in the new year;  then these images would be re-purposed & manipulated in a graphic way, in a way moreover that would feel deliberately akward in order not to give the sense that we were trying to add movement to static shots.

I am still amazed that everyone allowed this process to happen without constraints, and this is testament to the amount of trust those involved all have for each other as artists.

With Aries being a clash of my love for both hi-fashion and street wear it seemed perfectly fitting to be working with David and Jane on one side and Ferg on the other, and the involvement of contemporary artist Ben (Sansbury) who is possibly the least known – in the fashion world at any rate – of those involved, was a crucial element of the process. Ben is an artist who works with found material to combine disparate elements, in order both physically and conceptually to create unexpected results;  his experiments with collaging in film and animation are what first inspired me to explore this method and to apply it to fashion images as the binding agent for the project.

At a time when originality is almost impossible to achieve, I felt it was important to concentrate on creating  a new original process if not necessarily an outcome; as now more than ever it’s the process that determines the authenticity and relevance of the work produced and gives it its aura.”
– Sofia Prantera