Slam Jam

Eytys and Slam Jam ‘Luv Crimez’ party at Silencio

October 13, 2016
Luv Crimez is a collaborative project from the Swedish brand Eytys.
After teaming up with an Irish digital artist, JENNIFER MEHIGAN, and a South African photographer, KRISTIN-LEE MOOLMAN, the brand drops a surreal video collage showcasing Mehigan’s signature work of ‘cybersensuality’.  It is a portrayal of Stockholm’s colorful youth with quirky digital artworks in the background.
Accompanied by music by Sidewalks and Skeletons, the clip is just a preview of a fully-fledged collaboration between Eytys and Mehigan, which will also incorporate a printed publication.

Take also a look at the gallery of the launch party at Paris Fashion Week.

Eytys and Slam Jam hosted a wild party at the Silencio Club, with the live performance of Tommy Cash and dj acts by Ecco2k, Chastic Mess & Cyber69.

Photo recap by Lukas Gansterer for Purple Magazine.




Luv Crimez
A film by Jennifer Mehigan & Kristin-Lee Moolman
Jennifer Mehigan (born Ireland, 1989) works in-between the space of digital, computer generated craftmanship and contemporary fine art. Her aesthetic is wild and unapologetic, embracing weirdness and boldness alike and refusing to make a distinction between digital and physical art.
At the mere age of 26, Mehigan has already been exhibited globally from her second home in Singapore to cities such as Berlin, Paris, London and Antwerp, often referring to her work as ’cybersensuality’.
In the new video collage dubbed as ‘Luv Crimez’, Mehigan works together with South African photographer and video producer Kristin-Lee Moolman, a returning collaborator to Eytys. In the story, moving images of colourful Stockholm locals are juxtaposed with Mehigan’s explosive and experimental artwork and illustrations, fusing virtual craftsmanship with a high dose of unapologetic weirdness.
The video work is accompanied by music of Sidewalks and Skeletons, a solo project by British musician Jake Lee.
Graphics/Art Direction: Jennifer Mehigan
Video production: Kristin-Lee Moolman
Styling/Casting: Martina Almquist