Slam Jam

Robot 09 supported by Edwin Europe

October 4, 2016

Robot 09 will take place from October 5​th to 8​th at the ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, Bologna​, with a closing party at Cassero in via Don Minzoni​. Rediscovering old spaces, while using some that have never been used before, for a deeper recognition of music and digital art between certainties and unexplored territories.



After Robot 08, the operating system needed a reboot. The previous model proved to be unsustainable: 18,000 attendees were not enough to ensure the sustainability of the event. As for the future, it is an unknown which is impossible to imagine. To restart, it was necessary to reconsider matters from a different angle – to question the whole machine, but without forgetting the foundations like – what brought us here, and how.

There was time for a data backup, and now Robot 09 is indeed a new beginning​, staying true to its core elements – the passion and the search for the ‘new’ in music and the arts. For the 9th edition the context is changed, with a change in location and dimension, but not the text. The goal remains the same: to reach a destination different from our point of departure, while working on the quality of the journey.



Among the most highly anticipated names stands Hieroglyphic Being​, the new face of a more orthodox techno, an experimental composer as well as the most daring artist: Janus with two faces. The same spirit animates the Space Dimension Controller​’s path, another great visionary, creator of a science fiction franchise, which so far is without parallel. And yet again techno, with Detroit’s legend Stingray 313​, ski mask lowered, ready for war, a DJ set that traces the steps that made the genre.

Then: Aurora Halal​, to deconstruct the very concept of “dancefloor”, with a set that parts from an audio-visual experience; The Dwarfs of East Agouza​, giants of improvisation that expand the ‘space-time’ in a performance without boarders; The Grasso Brothers​, Champions of funk in all its forms; The Analogue Cops’ love of vinyl and analogue sound.

Then there are the big names of tomorrow, intercepted at the moment right before the explosion: Peggy Gou​, Korean by birth, European by adoption, and Route 8​, from Budapest, both – a sign of electronics without borders. And again: there are the indecipherable puzzles (Verotika​, 1024 Architecture​) and live lucid dreams that will last all night (Rabih Beaini​ in “The Repetition of Dreams​”). Italian excellence at its best (Fabrizio Mammarella, ​among the most personal interpreters of the new Italian sound, Nicola Ratti​, ‘the electroacoustic man’) and a hand full of surprises: the intercontinental performance by Mop Mop Electric Trio with a temporary engagement with Wayne Snow​, and the open rehearsals of the unique collaboration of Dewey Dell/Massimo Pupillo​, in a form that will never reappear again.

Then there are those who are here for the first time – Petit Singe​, electronic percussion to bewitch anyone who crosses their path; Inner Lakes​, perhaps the most mysterious character of the entire festival. Finally, there are the returning acts: Memoryman ​and Paul Iocca​, among the certainties since the first roBOt; Primitive Art​, world music in techno form; Quiet Ensemble​, with the stand-alone version of their brightest opera, the Enlightenment; Evil Twin in the new live show; Cinzia Campolese on display at Adiacenze; Nudge and NAS1​, with their vinyl and stylus lifting the house off the ground.

An equally delicious dish, in regards to the side audio/ video show: Lumisokea, Rabih Beaini + Vincent Moon, Present + Andrea Masciadri​. From the cyberpunk ghosts, visual loop, rituals to induce the trance state, psychic landscapes, portraits 3.0: every barrier between image and sound is broken.



Continuing his focus and research on independent music realities, Edwin Europe chose to support Robot 09  and produce a special tee for this festival edition.




Ottobre 5/8 2016, Bologna – Italia