Slam Jam


March 21, 2017

KAPPA launches a new iconic line for spring summer 2017: Kappa Kontroll.

The name of this new line refers to the origin of the brand’s history when the company mostly sold socks and underwear. As in all great stories something went wrong in a batch of socks. Production still had to find a balance and the market reacted badly, not appreciating the product. The first marketing move saved the company: the next production had a K printed on the packaging with a caption reading “Kontroll”, to guarantee production quality. This moment represented a turning point for the brand, the market started to demand socks with a K and the brand was born.


Back to nowadays, Kappa’s daily training is researching style and its aspirational dimension. This is why 2017 will see the first new KAPPA KONTROLL collection, a look back at the past and a new vision: Kappa Kontroll is the result of a creative historical research, leafing through the pages of the family album, drawing inspiration from two important moments for the brand.  


The result is a collection where two main themes find their way through style and fashion: 1980, the year of Kappa’s first soccer sponsor deal, when it produced the shirts for an italian soccer team, recalling the excitement of the times in the casual outfits of the TO80 capsule collection, inspired by soccer uniforms. T-shirts, over-size shorts, fleeces with gold profiles, make up this fashion tribute, rigorously according to the stripes-trend.

The second theme moves back to a few years later: LA84, the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics where Kappa was sponsoring the USA athletics team. Over lines and fabric combinations between denim and acetate fibre, in bright colors recalling the iconinc US uniform.


The world-famous Omini logo is the focus of the collection through the profiles of new, cool items, inspired by street-wear trends, to their casual wearability and transversal appeal. Totally different and surprising, like its positioning, definitely fashionable, as is made clear by the choice of high-range retail points.


Today with Kappa Kontroll, Kappa launches a new project together with the licensor Slam Jam with a new positioning, new aesthetics and new image.

Official Event launch at Slam Jam Milano

Friday 24th of March

from 6 to 9

Via Lanza 1