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Threes and Carhartt WIP present: Terraforma guest showcase on the Killasan Sound System

April 8, 2017

Threes and Carhartt Work In Progress take to Italy for the first time the iconic KILLASAN Sound System – centerpiece of the Berlin based Wax Treatment legendary events. The Killasan unique sound system was invented by the Japanese Naoji Kihira for optimal listening of dub-reggae-dancehall music and since 2001 has been used by Berlin’s Hardwax, one of the most influential record shops in Europe, for their Wax Treatment events.

Roger Robinson & Disrupt
Burnt Friedman
Palm Wine
Rabih Beaini


Special Early Bird / 10€ >>

At the door
16.00 – 20.00 / 10€
20.00 – End / 12€
20.00 – End / 15€


25/04 :: ROME > ARTISTS:
Mark Ernestus & Tikiman
Beatrice Dillon
Dj Pete
Dj Khalab



16.00 – 20.00 / 10,00€
20.00 – End / 12,00€
20.00 – End / 15,00€

The Killasan Sound System is a Jamaican-style unique sound system, commissioned in Florida by the Killasan Movement’s founder Naoji Kihira. Being one of the protagonists of dancehall’s popularization in Japan, Naoji visited Berlin in the Early Nineties in occasion of the historical Love Parade following his interest for the rising techno movement.

This trip lead him to meet Mark Ernestus and to the decision of the sound system’s relocation in German capital around 2001. The Killasan Sound System is one of the touchstones to date of a different way of experimenting reggae music and dancehall.

The two events are produced and by Threes &  Carhartt Work In Progress.

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