Founded by Luca Benini in 1989, Slam Jam was born to serve the underground long before the term streetwear even existed. Today it leverages its credibility and experience within the community to globally promote the style and attitudes of urban subcultures.

Beyond its distribution and retail businesses, Slam Jam collaborates with brands as a full-stack go-to-market global partner, providing every level of service from direction of branding and design, to wholesale, retail and engagement with the community.

This is why we are looking for possible websites and blogs to partner with in our affiliate program. As a Slam Jam affiliate, you will earn a commission on your visitors' purchases on our online store.



  • 10% commission on RTW and 7% on sneakers* (commission can be raised for top-performing affiliates based on agreed objectives)
  • unlimited number of commissions
  • AOV over €180
  • free to join
  • 30-day tracking cookie period
  • real-time reporting and sales tracking
  • prompt payment, on a weekly or monthly basis
  • comprehensive data feed
  • optimized product catalog updated daily
  • great levels of support provided by Webgains

*excluding brands Nike Special Project, Yeezy and all the items listed on the Upcoming Drops page.



  • include image and/or text links to Slam Jam within editorials;
  • place Slam Jam ads, banners and links on your website;
  • use our up-to-date product feed to display the latest products.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or you want to have more information, please contact us at



By joining the Slam Jam affiliate program and linking to through text links and banners on your site, you can earn a commission on revenue that is generated from customers who purchase at from your link. You can place Slam Jam links and banners in as many places on your website as you prefer. The better you position them, the more successful the affiliate program could be for you.



  • we do not wish affiliates to bid on the Slam Jam brand name, URL or any variations or misspellings thereof. Any affiliates found to be contravening this stance will have their participation in the Slam Jam Affiliate Program cancelled;
  • all links to Slam Jam must be direct links and must pass pagerank;
  • since we already operate our own search marketing campaign we would also ask that affiliates do not outbid or outrank any Slam Jam search ads;
  • we reserve the right to exclude certain products from the Affiliation Program (no commission will be paid for brands Nike Special Project, Yeezy and all the items listed on the Upcoming Drops page);
  • commission is paid as a percentage of all valid sales and is calculated excluding shipping, VAT and promotional gift voucher amounts. Please note that commissions will not be paid on cancelled orders;
  • we reserve the right to discontinue our affiliate relationship with any partner at any time.



Slam Jam has a firm policy against affiliates bidding on our brand name, including any variations or misspells of Slam Jam . Though we encourage PPC activity, we urge our affiliates to add our brand name as negative matching keywords for their campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, paid search activity on Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Miva and partner sites of these search providers. All discount code and loyalty reward sites are placed on a flat rate commission of 5%. We also do not allow affiliates to bid on the product names on our site.



The Slam Jam affiliate program is hosted through Webgains.
You will have to join the Webgains affiliate network first and this will enable you to apply for our affiliate program. If you are already a member of the Webgains network, you can directly apply for the program.