Style 12.02.19

Therapy 720

Production by
Art Direction and Styling by @ultraposh94 and @simaolaflare
Photography by @chilldays
Still Life by @colmar.1991
Gfx by @sam.rofles
Make UP by @varyaren
Hairstyling by @lucanolascoo
Models: @tauroboyprince
@bernardo fibrosi
Dogs: @mishaposhdog + @cami.sofi.pom + @guendi.pom

In a world that is fast and characterized by impulses – the genius needs to find his peace.

Nike drew inspiration from the lines of the Air Max 720 to describe the near future where peace becomes necessary, and takes shape through the soft lines and colors that bring to areas that are less contaminated by man of the earth, but also a place where the spirituality is more present.

Their aim was to recreate the lightness of the air in the shoe through the calls of the infant world, as the games reviewed in the key of wired and robotic and the sense of intimacy and affection that one can try with pet therapy.

A few pairs of the Nike Air Max 720 ‘ Northern Lights’ are still available both online at Slam Jam Milano, come visit us.