Brain Dead x Slam Jam Mediterranea Tee  

Culture 22.07.20

Brain Dead x Slam Jam
Mediterranea Tee

We can’t wait we can’t talk any longer. It’s time to act. With this tee we urge all listening to take a stand to fight racism in Europe. Brain Dead and Slam Jam teamed up to raise funds for Mediterranea by launching a really special Brain Dead / Slam Jam tee for presale starting on 22 July at 10am CEST and ending on 27 July at 10am CEST. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to NGO Mediterranea (discover more here).

Mediterranea is different: a non-governmental project by the joint work of heterogeneous organizations and individuals, open to all voices from different perspectives, secular and religious, social and cultural, union and political, that feel the urge to share the goals of this project, which aims at giving hope, rebuilding humanity, and defending law and rights.

Mediterranea decided to bring a ship flying the Italian flag to the sea, prepared to monitor, but also ready for rescue, knowing better than ever that saving one life in danger means saving all of us.
The main goal is to be where we are needed, to witness and document what is happening, and if necessary, save whoever risks to die in the central Mediterranean, as requested by current regulations.

The action of Mediterranea is moral disobedience and civil obedience. Disobedience to the nationalist and xenophobic public discourse and to the interdiction of witnessing what is happening in the Mediterranean; but obeying to the constitutional and international law, the law on the seas and general human rights, including the obligation of saving those who are in danger and bringing them to a safe harbor.

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