adidas Originals A-ZX Torsion

Style 22.01.21

adidas Originals A-ZX 5000 Torsion

Artworks by Domenico Carnimeo

To celebrate the release of the A-ZX 5000 Torsion, Slam Jam has commissioned emerging Italian illustrator Domenico Carnimeo to create a series of three unique illustrations.


adidas Originals A-ZX 5000 Torsion

Carnimeo’s vibrant work pays tribute to the legacy of the Torsion bar, a popular tooling technology first-introduced by adidas to the midsole of their running shoes in 1989.

Built with strong thermoplastic Kevlar®, it provided natural movement of the forefoot and heel while reducing impact. What followed was a revolution in running.

As part of the A-ZX series, the ZX 5000 Torsion is the latest milestone in a long line of sneaker history. In a real ode to the 80s, it features a Kevlar upper in the original Torsion bar colors: vivid yellow and black.

Carnimeo’s work is loud and playful. Riffing off the shoe’s bright colorway, it bustles with energy like the street culture that adidas championed in the 80’s and inspired Slam Jam to do what we still do today.

The ZX 5000 Torsion is available via Slam Jam (in-store and online) from January 22nd.


adidas Originals A-ZX 5000 Torsion


adidas Originals A-ZX 5000 Torsion

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