Culture 23.10.20

The Arpabong:
Object and Subjects

Design / Concept: Verynice’N’Sleazy
Glass: Arbore Cataldo (S.N.C)
Harp: StealthArp
Directed by: Simone Rovellini
Camera Operator: Federico Busatto
Set Design: Alessandro Mensi
Set assistant: Vito Salamone
Music by: Panoram
Text written by: Costanza Candeloro
Actor: Leo Soncio
Photo: Sara Scanderebech
Logo: Daniel Sansavini


Last 420 we asked artist Verynice’n’sleazy to conceive and elaborate a piece of content that could portrait the future of cannabis. Along with GEORGIA STUDIO, he imagined the digital version of the Arpabong. Now, the Arpabong is real.


The Arpabong: Object and Subjects


Definition of the Object:

The Arpabong is a toy for the mind, a sound transmission instrument with special acoustic and material properties.
Its hybrid nature allows it to act as an intermediary between the world of alternative botanic and musical experimentation.
With its symbolism-free approach, the Arpabong identifies cultivation and consumption practices as a form of extension-liberalization of human and creative needs.


1. Musicology
2. Alternative Botanic/Cannabis
3. Micro and Macro Ecosystems
4. Nature
5. Outdoor Living
6. Evolve
7. Survive
8. Sustainability



The Arpabong: Object and Subjects


The Arpabong: Object and Subjects

The video shows the object itself immersed in its subjects. The rocks, the organic elements, the music instruments, the material frequencies, the rhythm, it aims to replicate the mental states you reach when you play the Arpabong.

Where to go from here now?


The Arpabong: Object and Subjects



The Arpabong is a project by artist Verynice’N’Sleazy in collaboration with Slam Jam. / @arpabong