Style 16.05.19

Boolin in Brussels

Direction and Production by Office Solutions Creative
Photography by Anna Victoria Best
Styling by Louise Borchers
Casting by Megan Butkevicius

Fashion has long been the most immediate form of self-expression. We wear what we feel when we feel it, and within this particularly subversive moment in time, there’s a whole lot of ethos to tap into these days. With that being said, Slam Jam feat. office solutions are back once again with a portrait series-style editorial documenting the local youth of Brussels City, the capital of the EU, donning the slickest fits the world of fashion has to offer.

Photographer Anna Victoria Best harnesses the power of aesthetic to explore evolving conceptions of identity within our generation, capturing the forerunners of culture in the birthplace of style: the streets. Sporty, experimental, colorful, and street with side-serving of playfulness, all the things that give us flavor, can be found in the images below, so kick back, relax and take a minute to explore what office and Slam Jam are serving up the second time around.